general terms and conditions

Good general terms and conditions are important for online retailer and customer.

Here you can read our Terms and Conditions Webshop.

Not only the government creates rules to ensure the safety of your purchase. We, as web merchant, are also happy to inform you of our conditions. By agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions Webshop, an agreement between us and you as a customer has been established. But before you agree with our Terms and Conditions, we kindly request you to read the conditions carefully and to take note of our working methods. This can prevent annoying situations! If you have questions about our conditions, you can of course contact us.
If you are a distributor, you have received the general terms and conditions together with the distribution agreement. you now agree this applies to these conditions.

Lilly Nails Benelux has 4 General terms and conditions tailored to a specific part of the business.

The terms and conditions are filed with the KvK.

General Terms and Conditions wholesale

General Terms and Conditions education to become a nailtech

General Terms and Conditions workshops & traningen

General Terms and Conditions nailstudio